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"Accept Abundance"
Emotional Freedom from FEAR

Emotional Freedom from

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Private Sessions

Our one-hour private sessions are conducted by phone and/or in person. 

You will need to call us at (435) 674-0994 or email us at: to set a coaching schedule.

1 Hour session $127  (You get 2 Hrs)
5 Hour packages $497  (A savings of $138).  (You get 10 Hrs)
13 Hour Package $1157 / (A savings of $494 - Almost 4 weeks for FREE!!) (You get 26 Hrs)

Group "Accept Abundance" Tele-Workshops

Removing the Roadblocks
These tele-workshops take place at various times, based on the participants needs. Our current schedule is:
They are a minimum 1 hour-long sessions and focus on removing the roadblocks to affirming abundance in every area our lives.  As the individual needs of the participants are identified, issues around money, personal excellence, health, relationships and other areas of life are covered.

Fee $47 per tele-workshop.  
(You get admission to two, 1 hour Removing the Roadblocks sessions.)
Specialty Workshops
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Fee's Free to $$$?

Free introductory workshops - Times, locations or phone numbers announced in our “Accept Abundance Newsletter”. Check our current schedule and Register at:

Private - Business, Family or Interest Groups - Let us help you increase your intimacy, communication and profits while decreasing the STRESS!  
Fee is based on location and length of workshop

As our book is released we will be doing more workshops as the book will effectively serve as a workbook and study manual.

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