"Discover the REAL Secret of why the rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer and how to change the group you are in!

What is the REAL Secret? It isn't the Movie!

You Won't Find it Holding Hands Singing "God Bless America"
or "The Rose"
or... Looking in the Mirror Chanting "I am Great" or
"Everyday in Every Way I am Getting Better and Better"
or.... Watching "The Secret" or Reading "Think and Grow Rich"
a 100 Times or... Listening to Norman Vincent Peal
and Zig Ziglar as you go to bed every night.


The REAL Secret... It is Not Finding the Perfect Company, Product,
Pay Plan or System.  It won't be Found by Attending More Trainings,
Seminars or Workshops or... Mastering Prospecting, the 3 Way Call,
Presentations, Traffic Generation, Duplication, Marketing,
Getting 200 No's, Handling Objections or Closing and... without it
Taking Massive Action Just Ends Up Creating Massive Frustration.


slwed.JPG (8187 bytes)   "Now don't go beating up on yourself because you have tried all of
  the above with no real lasting positive results.  It is Not Your Fault.
  We have all been there!  Even the best minds in the Human Potential  
  world have been at a loss of how to really help us, except to keep
  telling us in a multitude of ways that we just needed to work harder
  at having a more Positive Mental Attitude. 
  We are Excited to Share with You the REAL Secret.

- Linda and Steve Stay


From the desk of Linda and Steve Stay
Personal Performance Coaches
Washington, UT

In the next few minutes you will have an opportunity to make a choice that could absolutely change your entire life. For us that choice came in two parts, from two dear friends, a couple of months apart.

Part 1
- A very successful friend suggested we spend five bucks and watch a movie on line called "The Secret"

   parch_square.jpg (68184 bytes)

"This movie absolutely presents one of the best cases
ever for the Law of Attraction.

"What we Focus on, we Attract".... "Our Thoughts become Things" ....
"As a man Thinketh, so is He".

To most of you, like us, this probably isn’t a new revelation. You have known it for years but:

 Knowing Better rarely equates to Doing Better....
It goes much deeper than knowing.

If you are not making the kind of money or living the kind of life you want, it‘s not because you don‘t know how, it is simply because at some level, you don't BELIEVE you can. The belief is being BLOCKED and your odds of thinking, affirming or beating  that BLOCK away is.... well you know how well it's worked so far.

You are being controlled by a BELIEF - Conscious or Unconscious -
that keeps you in your "Comfort Zone" and thus,
at your current level of Income.

Does any of the following sound familiar to you?
Money doesn't grow on Trees
Money is the Root of all Evil
They were real nice people until they moved up on Snob Hill
My parents didn't have much and we got along fine
Money doesn't buy happiness
It's better to Give than to Receive
Be grateful for what you have
Blessed are the Poor.....
I worked in the factory for 30 yrs and it didn't hurt me
Most kids don't have near as much as you
What about the starving kids in Africa
(My favorite) I walked to school barefoot in the snow...
It won't hurt you to go without once in awhile.  It builds character

Until You Change Your BELIEFS about Money or Love or Heath and
You Will
Struggle with Attracting What You Really Want into Your Life!


Are you getting the picture?

Part 2
- Friend #2 invites us over to her home to hear how a new revolutionary technique for removing blocks had changed her life in many positive ways.

Thank Heaven we were open to listening and learning that day.

A whole new world of possibilities opened up to us. We started studying and applying on ourselves everything we could get our hands on with regards to this technique.

We found ourselves time and time again saying:
"Could this really be True?"

We started sharing it with our children, our extended family and close friends, with the same astonishing results!

Now It's Your Turn!

We will teach you this simple technique, based on ancient science, that will completely release those old hidden beliefs that continue to keep you STUCK in every area of your Life.


Your thoughts will go from:

Lack ~ Abundance

Scarcity ~ Prosperity

Confusion ~ Clarity

Fear ~ Confidence

Contention ~ Peace

Survival ~ Aliveness

Tolerating Life ~ Celebrating Life!

This is the "REAL" Secret

This Proven Technique in the field of Energy Psychology, has been Tested and Used by 1,000's, with an 85% to 95% success rate.  It is simple enough for a child to learn, only taking 2-3 minutes to perform, tapping into and releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs instantly and permanently, setting you FREE to attract what ever you desire!


"Wow, this is amazing on Stress & Phobias!"

"My own first application of the technique was done when I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed with work and finances. Within two minutes I found myself  feeling amazingly calm, physically and mentally. It has worked that way every time I've used it."

"After using the technique successfully to reduce some tooth pain, I decided to try it on my lifelong extreme fear of Dentist as it was evident that a wisdom tooth needed to be extracted.  I had my best stress-free trip to the dentist ever and only used 3 of the 15 pain pills he prescribed."    


"It Sure Worked for Us!"

"We went from being overdrawn in our checking account, with past due notices on several bills, a power shut-off notice, feeling trapped and frozen, depressed and hopeless

Emotional freedom, creativity, confidence, peace, excitement, opportunities coming to us one right after the other, checks arriving from unexpected sources, people and knowledge being delivered to help us on our path... all in less than 60 days!"

Will it Work for YOU?   We GUARANTEE IT!

Just as Athletes turn to Sports Therapists to help them out of a SLUMP or Improve their Skill Level, we will teach you how to use this Ancient Science of Energy Psychology to create and attract the abundance you desire!

Failures become Producers
Producers become Superstars
Superstars become Legends

Are you Sick and Tired....literally?

We find that lack of income and the stress that goes with it, creates a lot of sickness. So why don't you just "Pull yourself up by your boot-straps and get to work" (another Belief that doesn't work).

Why can't you just "snap out of it", decide what you really want to attract and take action?

There is an explanation. It is called "Psychological Reversal" or Self-Sabotage. Your sub-conscious mind immediately kicks in to keep you safe, to keep you in your "comfort zone". It starts by saying something like, "Here we go again" or "How many times have you tried that?" or "That will never work" or "Don't be Stupid!" or "You didn't fall for that again.."

Have you ever noticed when you decide once and for all to lose 10 lbs by Sept. 1, you end up gaining 5?  That is Psychological Reversal taking over.

Our simple technique, that anyone can use, will completely reverse the effects of Psychological Reversal in your life. 

No more sabotaging yourself or your intentions.

Stop beating up on yourself...

Using this technique, Positive Abundant thoughts will naturally be
present and thus, any thing you want, you will Attract to you. 
Rub the magic lamp and the genie will appear saying,
"Your wish is my command"

Sound too good to be TRUE?  Let us prove it to you!

- Before you spend another dime on any Trainings or Leads or Join the next Deal,
hoping this time it will be different

We invite you to watch this introductory
"Accept Abundance" ~ Online EFT Video for FREE

Experience first hand what this Powerful Revolutionary Technique can do.
  • Is Stress impacting your health and keeping you Stuck? Watch and learn this 85% to 95% effective one minute Stress and Anxiety busting exercise you can use anywhere, anytime.

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  • Applying the technique to the personal issues we share, you will immediately be more effective in Attracting more of what you want. Many people report miraculous attractions within their first 24 hours.
  • Free yourself of Stress, Anxiety and the Damaging Beliefs that cause them.    
  • Free yourself of Fear, which is Holding you Back from Everything Valuable in Life.
  • Free yourself of Self-sabotaging Failure Habits, such as…Self Criticism and Procrastination.
  • Free yourself of Needing Approval or Control and feel Love any time you want it …..with ease.
  • Free yourself of Self-doubt and learn how to Trust yourself.
  • Free yourself of Worrying and Feelings of Overwhelm.
  • Free yourself from the years of accumulated Confusion and Limitations.
  • Start Accepting Abundant Health, Joy, Relationships, Peace and Riches into your life.

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