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 Why should Managers and Executives consider having us teach  EFT to the people in their Workplace?

 As with other breakthrough technologies, early adopters of  these new  change technologies will have an incredible  corporate advantage.

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Benefits of EFT in the Workplace

Consider the potential for your organization if you could eliminate toxic emotional stress from your workplace.
- How many hours are lost each year due to stress-related illness?
- How many accidents are related to stress?
- How many people quit, get fired or take leave, due to stress?

What would be the value of teaching employees a quick and effective tool to manage stress before it got out of hand?

Consider the benefits of emotional harmony in the workplace.
- How many misunderstandings, hurt feelings, angry reactions and responses occur in your workplace?
- The effects of grumpy, upset staff in terms of interactions with customers.

What would be the value of teaching your people to deal with these emotional reactions as they occur, modify their response to emotional triggers, clear the negative effects of…. for example, talking with an angry customer and being able to negotiate such situations from a position of calmness?

Consider the cost of fear.
- How many salespeople and managers are held back by fear, indecision, procrastination, and ‘call reluctance’?
- How many decisions are not being made because the person who has the authority to make the decision is fearful of change, fearful of the consequences of failure, or even fearful of success?

What would be the value of eliminating these fears from your workplace, ….if your people were no longer reluctant to make phone calls, conduct presentations, or confront issues, ….if they felt comfortable in dealing with changes and adopting new technology?  What would that do to your productivity?

Consider what is driving you.
- As a Manager, Executive or CEO are you working hard to avoid pain driven by fear of failure, rather than by desire to succeed?

What would be the value, of overcoming the emotional tension associated with your responsibilities. Imagine what would become possible for you and your organization? You would be able to take the organization further because your vision is not blocked by fear of failure, or fear of success.

There is plenty of research showing that people who enjoy their workplace are more relaxed, in a better mood, and are much more productive!

EFT offers a Competitive Advantage to you and your team to:
- Boost productivity
- Create positive shifts in morale
- Overcome emotional barriers to success
- Empowering employees to better manage stress and resolve conflict in the workplace

Teaching EFT can be integrated into a presentation on stress relief, conflict resolution, and/or change management, and customer-focused communication.

Other effective formats are:

- Teaching EFT as a Stand-Alone to relieve headaches, migraines stress, insomnia, allergies, breathing difficulties, fear, anxiety, guilt, fear of public speaking, or making presentations
- EFT as a guest teaching included in Stress Management Programs
- Including EFT as one of the solutions for Change-Management Programs
- A Break-Out Session for Seminars or Conferences

These are just a few of the areas where EFT can change the entire mood and outlook of your organization!

To discuss a Custom-Designed Program for your organization or team, please contact Linda or Steve Stay at 435-674-0994

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