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The most frequently asked question we get from our Coaching Practice and Workshops is…. "What problems can I use EFT for?"

Here is a list problems and conflicts where EFT has been very effectively used, followed by our other most common Frequently asked Questions.

Anxiety Relief
EFT can successfully alleviate acute anxiety attacks, generalized anxiety, call reluctance, and the fear of public speaking. The duration of the problem does not seem to matter when it comes to EFT's effectiveness. However, some anxiety disorders are more complicated than others and have several layers that need attention

In addition, EFT has an impressive record when it comes to neutralizing specific phobias such as claustrophobia, fear of needles, elevators,
spiders, water, etc. By tapping the endpoints of the meridians while tuning in to the problem, the "congested energy" is "metabolized" and the anxiety dissolves.

Money Issues:
EFT works wonders in removing old limiting beliefs about money, allowing our clients to Accept the Abundance that is their birthright.

Guilt, Shame and Low Self-Esteem:
EFT relieves guilt and shame by targeting specific events and beliefs underlying these feelings. Clients are empowered to mature emotionally by integrating what they have learned from past actions. The negative limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves (such as I'm not worthy, I don't deserve success, I'm not lovable) that support poor self-esteem can be transformed with EFT.

Pain Control/Physical Ailments:
Regardless of the medically documented structural damage shown in x-rays, MRI's or blood tests, EFT has been successful in alleviating pain and re-balancing disease in the body. It can accelerate healing, improve circulation of energy, reduce muscle tension and address the emotional states that may have contributed to the onset of any physiological condition. EFT success stories include treatment for migraines, chronic back pain, post-surgical pain/bleeding/swelling, fibromyalgia, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, allergies, hypoglycemia, sinus problems, hemorrhoids, lactose intolerance and more. Again, the duration of the problem is irrelevant when it comes to EFT's effectiveness.

Smoking Cessation:
Smokers use cigarettes as a substance to tranquilize and quiet inner turmoil or anxiety. EFT can effectively eliminate the urge to smoke, alleviate physiological and psychological withdrawal symptoms, and neutralize environmental relapse triggers. All chemical dependency issues can be treated with EFT, including alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and dependency on prescription medications.

Sports Performance:
Athletes are successfully using EFT to reduce muscle tension, conquer performance anxiety, and neutralize all other psychological blocks that may impede peak performance. When you watch professional athletes, you can see how their minds can trick them into reducing their effectiveness on the field, course or court. These athletes are trained beautifully and have all the skill necessary to compete at high levels. It is usually the stress, tension, fear of failure or success, and the pressure that interferes with their performance. EFT can help any professional or recreational athlete to improve their performance, especially under pressure.

Trauma Relief:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is characterized by intrusive and recurring thoughts, feelings and images associated with the original traumatizing event. EFT addresses the variety of aspects of the traumatic event by diluting the intensity of the recurring memory and neutralizing the trauma itself. The client can then emotionally reorganize and develop more adaptive attitudes and constructive behaviors to suit his or her current life. EFT also accelerates healing by initiating the forgiveness process.

Weight Loss:
Food is often used as a tranquilizer to anesthetize deep anxiety and emotional pain. EFT can target and relieve feelings that drive urgent food cravings, compulsive overeating, and sabotaging behavior. In addition, EFT can relieve distorted body images and effectively prevent relapse weight gain after weight goals have been reached.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. (Q) How can a single treatment method address such a variety of issues? (A) The discovery statement of EFT states that "the cause of all negative emotion is an imbalance in the energy system." All reactions, feelings, responses or physical symptoms can be addressed by balancing the human energy system with EFT. Once the energy system has been balanced, the depression lifts, the anxiety is neutralized or the physical pain is alleviated.

2. (Q) Are there any contraindications to using EFT? (A) No. EFT is safe, easy to apply, and non-invasive. To date, minimal side effects have been reported other than occasional temporary fatigue. However, this does not mean that you will not experience adverse side effects. If you intend to use these techniques, you must agree to take full responsibility for the results and for your physical and emotional well-being. You may wish to consult a trained EFT practitioner for professional application of these techniques.

3. (Q) What prevents EFT from working? (A) If you are a living breathing human or animal, EFT should work on you. Occasionally, the targeted issue is approached too globally which results in ineffective relief. In rare cases, energy toxins such as perfumes or certain foods produce an allergic reaction in an individual's energy system and retard, or temporarily reverse treatment. Skilled EFT practitioners will spot this block and be able to treat the client effectively. While not perfect, EFT has an extraordinarily high success rate of 85%, even when used by beginners.

4. (Q) Can I treat myself? (A) Absolutely, and with a likelihood of a high success rate. If you are motivated, emotionally stable and use good judgment in the problems you address with EFT, you should have good success. It is important however, to know your limits. Sometimes it is difficult to be both patient and doctor. Many people consult EFT practitioners for the objectivity and experience necessary for successful treatment.

5. (Q) Suppose my illness has lasted decades or is an inherited condition? (A) EFT alleviates symptoms regardless of duration, etiology, or family history. The duration of the condition does not seem to effect the outcome or length of treatment needed.

6. (Q) How long will the treatment last? (A) It is difficult to predict this outcome in each individual case, however, long-lasting results are routine when using EFT properly and aiming it at the right targets. If the practitioner successfully treats the core of the problem, permanent relief is the norm.

7. (Q) Can EFT be used for children? (A) Yes, usually with superb results. Since children are less critical than adults, they have less of a need to understand the inner working of the energy system, and can therefore allow the treatment process to unfold more naturally. It is very safe and effective with children.

8. (Q) Why does EFT focus on the negative so much? Can this hurt me? (A) In order for EFT to work, you must be tuned in to your problem, for example, actually feeling some of the anxiety. This allows the treatment to be "aimed" at the problem, and be neutralized within minutes as a result of using the tapping.

9. (Q) How do I find out more about EFT and related treatments? (A) Consult Gary Craig's web site, In addition to finding a complete tutorial for EFT, you will find hundreds of case histories, philosophical studies, a support e-mail list, and a series of superb training tapes for sale. In addition, the web site provides numerous links to related Energy Psychology web sites.

Please be sure to keep your body well hydrated. Emotional Freedom Techniques and other energy therapies work with the electricity of your body, and water conducts electricity.


  • "EFT has been amazing for backaches! I had nagging backache for many many months and nothing would help. I would do certain exercises, run hot and cold water on it and nothing changed. It didn't get better or worse until I tried EFT. One round and it was gone!" Rita Tyner

  • "I see the results of EFT on a daily basis, and continue to be amazed....I've yet to find a problem it can't help with." Rachel Gaubert

  • "I tried your technique 2 days ago and in minutes an eye condition that has been driving me nuts for a year just left. This information is a beautiful gift to all of us." Sally Shallenberg

  • "I am not a professional practitioner of EFT. I am a housewife, mother, and portrait photographer who stumbled on to EFT two years ago, and fell in love with the gentle healing that EFT allows." Lisa Gunnoe

  • "We are very excited about this EFT program. My wife got rid of her back pain and too frequent headaches she has had for years. I no longer have acid reflux and no longer have to take a prescription drug for it." Bill Edens

  • "Two years ago, 1 1/2 hours of EFT work lifted an eight year long depression for which I had been using meds - I KNOW personally how amazing EFT is." Janice Smylie

  • "I have tried your technique, with a lot of skepticism at first, as it defies all logic....Gary, it worked....not only the first time on my headache, but the second time on my stiff neck and tension headache, the third time on my inability to sleep, and so on." Mary Smith

  • "I've never found a more user-friendly, dependable and precise technique that could produce such profound change in such a short time." Kim English

  • "I tried it on myself and shot a game of golf 12 strokes under my previous best game ever." Jack Konrath

  • "I have used EFT on myself and family members for variety of quick therapies from shoulder pain to headaches, nausea, and so on. This method is absolutely invaluable." El March, PhD

  • "My clients have experienced profound & lasting results for weight issues, stress, anxiety, pain, phobias, sports performance, relationship issues, & more." Lindsay Kenny

  • "EFT has helped my clients deal successfully with addictions, grief, fears, phobias, sexual abuse, performance issues, self-image and stress. Dr. Catherine Saltzman

  • "EFT is a remarkable gift to the world." Al Viguerie, PhD

  • "I have gotten great results with EFT personally, and the results that my patients get are often nothing short of miraculous." Ray Mazon, D.O.M.

  • "EFT is "The Miracle Drug WITHOUT THE DRUG!" Pat Farrell

  • "EFT is spectacular! I came across EFT on an internet happy accident of my life!" Anita Barber

  • "Words escape me. EFT is truly astounding. It could change the human race." Michael Killingback

  • "I have applied EFT 70 or 80 times and I have yet to come across a client who is not happy with the results EFT has given." John Birtwistle

  • "Wow! People can't believe the results we are getting. Neither can I. This is the best healing method I have ever come across." Jim Eaton

  • "I'm getting spectacular results with my patients and myself. Thank you!" Joanne M. Hillary, ND

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